An ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified Company.

1. All information furnished regarding itemwise usage are to the best of our knowledge and should serve only as a guide. We do not claim any responsibility for the accuracy of these information.

2. All capacitors listed have their metal casing as one terminal, which is usually connected to the automobile body earth, the other terminal being the cable. Please note that some capacitors come with dual leads but both represent a single terminal (metal can being the other terminal as usual). The dual leads serve only as an electrical

3. All capacitors are given a date stamp emboss to denote date of e.g. 8909 represents "Manufactured in September 1989"


This is to merely identify the manufacturing batch but should not be used as a cue for determining the life or quality of the capacitors. All capacitors have a very long storage life.

4. We can design capacitors to any fitment and performance requirement. A broad spectrum of cable harness designs and
terminations are available to suit customer needs.

5. We can also develop equivalents of any capacitor against specifications or counter samples.

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